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The most precious marbles

Since its foundation, Giorgio Collection has supported its products with the meticulous and constant pursuit of exclusive, precious materials that have characterized and distinguished its collections.
This is the pride and joy of its contemporary living aesthetic which the brand’s luxury lovers immediately appreciated and which has contributed to its status as a high-end company, an emblem of the most exclusive Made in Italy.

Today, the company’s catalogue consists of ten marbles to satisfy the tastes of its cosmopolitan customers: Black Marquinia, White Carrara, Dark Emperador, Beige Emperador, Madagascar Black & Gold, Calacatta Vagli, Grey Alpi, Hymalaia Onyx, Indian Calacatta and Bolivian Green. The latter is the top of the range: this very rare marble seduces the gaze with the splendour of the stone in which green fades into various shades. The final effect is extremely decorative.



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