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Bird’s eye Maple is a rare and mysterious characteristic found in hard Maple trees. Only about 1% of all Maple trees contain the Bird’s eye Maple figure.
Bird's Eyemaple Wood

Today, Bird’s eye Maple is used in every type of woodworking project. The term refers to the “eyes” that develop in the tree when it is young. As these eyes continue to develop as the tree grows, the eyes generally get bigger. Another reason the Bird’s eye Maple tree is so rare is that its unique figure cannot be cultured or duplicated by man.

The Bird’s eye figure varies from tree to tree, and there are no two trees that are exactly alike. Even more unusual is that each Bird’s eye Maple tree has its own unique personality, and any figure and eyes of that tree are unique and consistent within that tree only, making each project a one-of-a-kind piece of woodworking art in itself when finished. Bird’s eye Maple lumber has a wide variety of eyes and figures. There are c-shaped eyes and oval-shaped eyes as well as eyes that resemble deer tracks; some eyes can even look like rain streaks on a windowpane.

Among the several varieties of Bird’s eye Maple wood, Giorgo Collection selects the most precious and rare one, which is from Canada; colors within the wood itself vary greatly, from rose-colored wood varying to dark rose heart, even to cream colored or white inside. Giorgio Collection makes a special wood stain base treatment to ensure color uniformity, after having bleached it.

Giorgio Collection has created the Sunrise Collection, embellishing it with this precious material. The elegant Champagne veining of Bird’s eye Maple, gives a refined and welcoming appearance, and the blending of Noble materials such as printed iguana leather and stainless steel handles, are combined to enhance the purity of line and create harmony for a refined and optimistic lifestyle.

Sunrise CollectionSunrise Collection




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