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Mirage Collection

“The design of the collection is extremely modern, made with faceted volumes and planes which intersect each other to capture the light and reflect it, as happens in a mirage: hence the name Mirage.”


Alessandro and Maria Antonietta


1. Why is the collection called Mirage?
The starting point for the design of the entire Mirage collection was the choice of materials: we were looking for raw materials that had a strong appeal to nature, to give the products a deep natural soul. The strength of the Giorgio Collection brand has always been the deep knowledge of wood and the continuous search for rare and precious essences. Taking advantage of this decades of experience, together with the company we have selected Madagascar Mowingui wood, a precious African wood with figured natural grain that give depth to the furniture surfaces, enhancing their geometries. Another protagonist of the new collection is Kenya Black marble, shown in all its materiality, thanks to the particular open-pore acid-etched finish. This treatment makes the marble particularly warm and pleasant to touch, as well as nice looking and attractive, with its diagonal veins that create an elegant dynamism on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The design of the collection is extremely modern, made with faceted volumes and planes which intersect each other to capture the light and reflect it, as happens in a mirage: hence the name Mirage. Also on fabrics and leathers we wanted to create the same dynamic effect through use of a three-dimensional quilting with wavy lines that recalls the design of the dunes and the light reflections on the surfaces warmed by the sun: invitation to a home oasis where you can relax and feel safe.


2. Why is the main color of the collection gray?
The collection plays entirely on gray scale, with different reflections and shades depending on the material. Elegant and timeless, gray responds with style to the most contemporary interior design needs and interacts perfectly with modern and sophisticated luxury architecture, leaving full freedom of combination with other colors, in line with current trends.
In this case we have combined the deep teal color, declined in different shades, from the velvet of the armchairs and decorative cushions to the wallpapers.






3. Tell us about your creative path. How did you start cooperation with well-known factories?
Sharing a passion for design and fashion in 2008 we create our own brand, featuring a collection of limited edition pieces inspired by the world of fashion.
For us it was a way to express our creativity and show our strengths and, at the same time, a way to understand from the inside the production dynamics of a factory, which is not made only of products.
Being two helps us to have a double look on projects, made of curiosity and constant research in every design area.
In fact, our work is not limited to the design of single products, but we love to build a world around them, made of images, accessories, details, atmospheres and everything that contributes to the strength of a brand. This is why we like to create a deep and long-term relationship with companies, in a constant exchange of suggestions and our respective know-how.


4. What are your personal favorites in the new collection and why?
Surely the most iconic product of the Mirage collection is the wooden armchair, inspired by the Scandinavian design of the 50s. In this piece we have tried to create a perfect combination of functionality and elegance, with the goal to design a timeless product, to be used and hand on. 
The organic forms of the structure enhance the natural beauty of the wood, created with skill of a cabinetmaker, like it was a sculpture to be caressed. Its lightness and at the same time its strength are the result of advanced technologies and highly skilled craftsmen.



mirage collection




5. What is your favorite things in Giorgio Collection brand? Describe the character of the brand as you find it today?
The key of the success of the Giorgio Collection brand is undoubtedly the passion of the people who created it and, year after year, invest energy and knowledge to make it a unique reference point in the panorama of international design, for the quality of the products and the service it offers to its customers.
Passion is contagious.


6. In your opinion, has the current global situation with the pandemic influenced the design and trends in design objects?  How do you see the future of design?  What trends can you name for the next year or two?
Design is a form of expression, like literature, music, art.
And the designer reflects like a mirror the emotions, hopes and fears of the time in which he lives, to read and respond to the needs of the present, anticipating the needs of the future.
Our goal as designers has always been to create long-lasting objects, made thinking about who will use them every day, in which aesthetics are a value, without sacrificing comfort.
In this historical moment, in which there is a return to the home as a safe place to spend hours of leisure but of work too, is more than ever necessary to surround himself with beautiful and functional objects, not only to look at but also to live, the quality is the first value to look for.
And quality embraces the entire production system, from the search for raw materials to the technologies that respect the environment and ensure a sustainable future.







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