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Veneer technique is a process that allows common wood to be coated with thin layers, called veneers, of fine wood such as Burl japanese Tamo, African Sycomore, Brazilian Rosewood and various types of exotic woods. This process gives to the product the appearance of an essence of great quality. Giorgio Collection makes a unique choice for each tree, only the best figured parts are used and everything that is not used, is sold by the company to other furniture companies. The elegant and refined effect of the veneer is obtained thanks to several steps, made with care and attention. The process starts with choosing a high-quality natural veneer, each layer to be applied has precise dimensions: from 40/90 cm wide to 300/400 cm long.
Subsequently is bleached thanks to a bath able to make it completely white. After three days, it's possible to define and apply the desired colour through a second bath, which penetrates the veins and pores of the veneer. This technique makes the colour eternal. Each of these steps plays a crucial role in obtaining the right finish and reflects the concept of the new collection designed by Giorgio Collection.

Once the artistic laying of the veneer on the surface is completed, a primer is applied to prevent the final layers of polyester varnish being absorbed by the pores of the wood. After two days, the 30-days process begins, which consist of applying six layers of varnish, capable of giving the product a unique, natural and three-dimensional appearance while protecting the wood from mechanical damage.


The peculiar attention to the research of precious materials and the choice of an elegant veneer finds its maximum expression in Coliseum, a collection that combines the strength of high gloss Brazilian polyester rosewood with the ancient brushed stainless steel. In particular, the veneer has been made with a unique sunray pattern and made exclusive with the detail of the Giorgio Collection logo.



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