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Indulge your home with a fabulous Giorgio Collection mirror.  With clever positioning, a smart and stylish mirror can open up small spaces or add a superb focal point to a large room, bringing extra drama and sophistication.  A mirror draws the eye, highlights your décor and is the perfect finishing touch for any room.  Whether you’re looking for a full length mirror for your bedroom, a small mirror for your guest cloakroom or something magnificent to frame your fireplace in your lounge, Giorgio Collection features a treasure trove of eye-catching pieces in almost every shape and size, from floor-standing grand mirrors to rectangular shapes, circular shapes and interesting angular styles, all guaranteed to stand the test of time.  

The sensational Giorgio Collection of homeware and accessories is designed to bring your home a mirror for every room - immediately adding depth, light and space. 

Creating an optical illusion, placing a mirror in a small area can instantly make it look bigger and airier.  Mirrors also capture the light so they’re the right choice for darker rooms or rooms with heavy furniture.  Mirrors don’t just add the illusion of space and light, they lend themselves well to every style of home, whether sleek and modern or classical and traditional and they can be used to highlight a particular area, a favourite piece of furniture or to add something special to an otherwise empty wall.  Hang mirrors alone to make a showpiece or group together with pieces of artwork for real focal interest, within these pages you’ll find a superb selection of mirrors guaranteed to blend in or stand out! There’s no doubt, the Giorgio Collection mirrors are the ultimate in luxurious home accessorising.

All of the Giorgio Collection mirrors are individually designed by homeware experts and carefully made by master craftsmen, especially to last many years and deliver the very best in premium quality pieces.  Enjoy the obvious luxury finishes and exquisite, meticulous attention to detail that our mirrors have to offer. Whether you want a floor to ceiling contemporary style or you prefer a smaller, heavily decorative mirror with elaborate edging to adorn your bedroom wall.  

There are so many stunning mirror options available to choose from – and no reason why you can’t display multiple mirrors in your home. With Giorgio Collection, mirrors never looked as good!  So, for a head-turning home with enviable rooms that ooze great taste, nothing beats a Giorgio Collection incredible mirror, where functionality meets extraordinary style every time. 




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