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Night tables

A luxury bedside table is perfect for a personal lamp, books, and other necessities you may have while lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Some people refer to modern luxury bedside tables as nightstands, but whatever you call them, they are essential pieces of your bedroom furniture set. Giorgio Collection provides one of the most exquisite selections of modern luxury night tables that will perfectly complement practically any frame or bedspread set. Browse the vast collection, and choose the luxury bedside table that is perfect for you, whether it is part of a specific collection or a different one. At Giorgio Collection, the choice is all yours.

A luxury bedside table should be the absolute epitome of perfection. Its design, color, and style should perfectly complement the bed frame, mattress size, and linens you choose. When it comes to Giorgio Collection, every aspect and component is carefully thought out from conception through master completion. That’s why, when you are choosing a luxury bedside table, you simply won’t find more exquisite options than what is available at Giorgio Collection.
Take your time to browse a variety of traditional and modern luxury bedside tables, and discover there is something absolutely perfect for your personality, preferences, and tastes. You are a discerning professional. You expect exquisite craftsmanship, design, and durability.
You will spend a considerable part of your life in your bedroom, which is why a luxury bedside table is so important. It could be the perfect place for a personal lamp so you can read while your partner is sleeping, it can provide plenty of space for a laptop, tablet, or your phone at night, or it may be the perfect spot for your book and reading light.
A luxury bedside table may also have a drawer for necessities. Whatever it is you need close to you while in bed, a modern luxury bedside table should perfectly conform to meet those exacting, demanding needs.
Each piece from Giorgio Collection is designed so that every part perfectly matches all the others. So, the right luxury bedside table will be a perfect complement for the bed frame and luxury dressers or chest of drawers. Of course, you aren’t required to choose everything from the same collection.
That’s the beauty of the variety of furniture at Giorgio Collection—the ability to mix and match. You may have a gorgeous, glossy finish of a traditional hardwood bed set with a more modern, contemporary dresser. You might prefer something in between for your luxury bedside table that will optimally enhance the natural beauty and wonder of your bedroom.
With versatile modular designs, modern technological innovations, and thought-provoking master designs, the Giorgio Collection is ideal for the most discerning individuals and families. Discover why more and more people around the world are choosing the Giorgio Collection.
Achieving excellence doesn’t happen by chance, and it doesn’t happen overnight. 

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