Teatro Marcello - From ancient history to contemporary design | Giorgio Collection تجاوز إلى المحتوى الرئيسي



In the heart of Rome, Teatro Marcello is one of the most ancient buildings in the city, a witness of a very distant and precious era for the history of civilization. Built in 17 b.C and dedicated to the memory of the grandson of Emperor Augustus, it has been restored and expanded over the centuries.


Within its walls full of history, Teatro Marcello hosts some of Giorgio Collection creations: a contrast between ancient and modern style that releases a suggestive atmosphere in the whole environment. The Mirage sofa, upholstered in blue velvet, together with the coffee table from the Charisma collection, stand at the center of the main area, playing a game of contrasts with the ancient style of the building and at the same time creating an extremely harmonious effect. The mix of contemporary design and ancient architecture is the symbol of a beauty that crosses the boundaries of different eras.




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