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A desk is the centerpiece of any office. It could be for your home office or a professional, commercial environment; it doesn’t matter. A luxury desk will convey a great deal of information about you: your position, your power, and your prestige. Our collection of modern home office desks are designed and built to inspire. Browse our options, and choose the luxury office desk, file cabinet, and drawers that are perfect for you. You can mix and match with all of the other office furniture so you get the home office you deserve.

A luxury home office should be more than just a place to work. It should possess gorgeous pieces of furniture, including your desk, stylish file cabinets, and drawers for all your essential paperwork. It should also be functional, especially for the modern, busy professional. You have discerning tastes, exacting demands, and exquisite expectations. You are certain to find exactly what you want from a modern home office desk from Giorgio Collection.
From ornate, classical designs that evoke imagery of royalty to more modern functionality, sleek lines, and gorgeous curves, our collection of modern home office desks, exquisite filing cabinets, and drawers is truly remarkable.
Whether you want a luxury office desk that exudes a sense of executive confidence and professional perfection or a more presidential desk with gorgeous hardwood and a dark finish, Giorgio Collection has what you need.
You can also enjoy an incredible selection of sturdy, reliable filing cabinets and drawers that complement every collection.
Take your time to browse through the various luxury desks, filing cabinets, and drawers that Giorgio Collection has designed and master craftsmen have built. You can create a cozy retreat in your home office—a place away from the hustle and bustle of your commercial office space—where you can focus, become reinvigorated, or even handle essential tasks in the early morning hours, late at night, or in the evening and on the weekends when a pressing deadline is fast approaching.
What does a presidential desk offer the modern professional? A sense of purpose and a sense of power. There’s a reason why presidential desks look the way they do. They are exquisite works of art in their own right, but they are also broad, polished to a mirror shine, and perfectly highlight and accentuate the person sitting behind it.
When you are building your home office, you may not have to worry about space efficiency, but Giorgio Collection certainly has something for every home, from the small cottage with a tight office space to the sprawling mansion with vaulted ceilings, built-in bookshelves, lavish filing cabinets, and professional lighting in the office area.
While each piece in at Giorgio Collection is specifically designed to perfectly complement every other piece of furniture within it, including filing cabinets and drawers, you have the luxury of mixing and matching different collections that will fit your personality, interior design preferences, and your exacting demands properly.
Choose the luxury desk that is your ideal blend of exquisite design and artistry craftsmanship along with functionality. Modern home office desks should be functional above all else, but they should also be beautiful to look at.
When you build your perfect home office, you will be excited to work from home when the opportunity arises and the mood strikes.

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