Unique design

Furniture dressed with unique armadillo printed leather ultimately enhanced by exclusive “Giorgio Collection” bronzed brass handles and details. Sofas and armchairs covered with the finest velvets and nubuck leather, dark emperador Portuguese marble and the candid splendor of “Murano” beveled glass, all come together to give birth to the LIFETIME collection. We are proud to present the result of our commitment and our research to offer elegance and sophistication to the most beautiful houses in the world.

Eye-catching elements

Suggestive touch

Remarkable appeal

The entire collection focuses on neutral and peaceful tones and important volumes, achieved thanks to precious padding and stitching. The furniture is covered in armadillo printed leather, giving each element additional prestige, and is illuminated by bronzed brass handles and details. The exclusivity of each material used is a symbol of meticulous research and attention to detail, features that have always accompanied Giorgio Collection.

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