Sinuous design

Absolute furnishes the luxury home with a selection of high-quality and artisanal furniture. The depth and color of Japanese Tamo root wood, combined with the decisive and sinuous shapes of the Absolute collection, create a harmony of perfect urban elegance. The collection’s design plays on the contrast between the natural veins of the wood and the shine of the chrome-plated stainless steel inserts, achieving a suggestive and captivating stylistic result. The high gloss polyester finish, the stainless steel elements and the new line of accessories, confirm the mission that Giorgio Collection had set to persecute perfection and high level research. Being “ABSOLUTE” in our life.

Urban elegance

Perfection & refinement

Dazzling details

Each element of the collection recalls, through its forms, the exclusive style of the Giorgio Collection brand, bringing the recognizable Made in Italy brand into the most beautiful homes.

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