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Art and design have lots of things in common, one of them is the constant search of inspiration and the seeking of tactile emotions. The art of Geovana Clea is the perfect example of this constant research: the artist finds inspiration in the woods, watching the waterfalls and admiring the natural stones, a never-ending relationship with natural elements, materials and sensations that are transferred on canvas to communicate the power of nature.


When we first saw Geovana’s works, we felt very clearly the direct dialogue between the artist and nature, a dialogue that we wanted to expand in our collections, in our atmospheres, in our vision of design. The aim of this collaboration is to celebrate nature in all its forms, using its elements as a tactile connection between art and interior design. Quartz dust, volcanic ash, liquid metals and crystals are worked with acrylic paint to obtain unique and unrepeatable objects of art, perfectly matching Mirage collection atmospheres.



The Paintings

Meet the Artist


Q: Geovana, you get inspired by nature and geological processes. Why is it so interesting to you? What was the decisive starting point, perhaps a trip or a visit to a museum?
G: I think it’s all about sensibility. I’ve always been a creative person: since I was a child I’ve always loved writing songs and letters, reading books, traveling. I come from Iñapi, a barren place in Alagos, Brazil: a beautiful landscape where you can see beauty in every detail such as brooks, rocks, cactus (typical of the barren landscape), and also in the smile of the people who live there. I grew up watching indigenous people contemplating the nature. Koyunpanki american natives - the first inhabitants of Iñapi - live still there and I have a special bond with them. I think that my vision has been influenced also by my father, Luis Celso. He was a farmer and he imparted to me the love for nature. I have many special memories with him: watching the sunset in the fields surrounded by cactus, eating mangos directly from the trees in his farm. When I think about nature I remember these memories of a happy childhood with my beloved father in a land that I keep always in my heart.

Q: Can you tell us more about your technique and process? What kind of materials do you use?
G: I work with several materials and I love make it in my own way. I have never liked to look at the other’s works, I don’t want to be influenced by anything. While I paint, a choose shades and use natural elements such as quartz dusts, volcanic ash, liquid metals like gold. I elaborate everything with resin, adding Swarovski crystals. I see everything that comes from nature as a purifying element. I like to think that my creations can spread harmony and make people happy. The most important thing of my job is the time I spend walking in the woods, exploring the true colors of trees, ground, water and whatever gives me positive energy. I love nature!

Q: Your art is material and textured. Do you think it is important for a painting to be tactile?
G: I think every piece of art should transmit emotions. Recreating the natural effects of marble, wet rocks, water, soil, is a way to transmit the beautiful sensation that the nature makes me feel. The audience must feel the same connection I feel by watching and touching my paintings.

Q: How did you know Giorgio Collection? How did the collaboration start?
G: I saw Giorgio Collection for the first time in London at Harrod’s during an exhibition. I liked the brand and its style. Then, I met Riccardo Vergombrello (Giorgio Collection export manager) and while talking about art, he invited me to visit Giorgio Collection headquarters. It was love at first sight. Fabio Masolo is a beautiful person, an incredible professional in the luxury furniture world. I could say I feel part of the family! Giorgio Collection is a family for real, where everybody do their job with love and passion, surrounded by a harmonious atmosphere.

Q: Your paintings Black Forest, Volcano, Gold Shadow, Silver Rain, were created specifically for Mirage collection or did you already have them in your mind?
G: Before I discovered Giorgio Collection, I was already thinking about developing a collection that could recreate the marble effects, but I didn’t realized anything yet. Visiting Giorgio Collection headquarters and discovering the philosophy behind the brand really has been inspirational for me. I created every piece on purpose for Giorgio Collection. Our vision of beauty is literally the same.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your source of inspiration?
G: My work for Giorgio Collection series are inspired by nature: draining and purifying water; erupting volcanos, a stunning natural performance; rocks and caves full of crystals; the soil, where you can find gold and silver particles. There is so much life in every painting! During different moments of the day, the paintings are illuminated by the natural light in different ways: that game of light creates strong impact effects that enrich the natural beauty of the painting.

Q: Why do you think art is so important for interiors? In which areas of the house do you think your paintings look good with Mirage collection elements?
G: Art pieces change the atmosphere of a house for sure, like the right jewels on an elegant dress. My works release such a powerful light that they seem inlayed in the architecture of the house. They could look good in every area of the house, such as living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. It depends on the kind of project you want to develop.

Q: What are the pieces you like most?
G: All! (Laughing) Every piece of art is unique, pure art!

Interview by CASA RICCA


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