Outdoor masterpieces

Combining luxurious design with exceptional comfort and functionality, Giorgio Collection has created Oasi, a collection inspired by the beauty of nature. Crafted from striking Cardoso stone, satined black metal and woven cordage, each piece is designed to redefine your outdoor lifestyle with the finest Italian craftsmanship. In the masterful hands of our craftsmen, the fusion of materials and visionary design creates contemporary masterpieces. Oasi products creates suggestive atmospheres that captivate at first glance, with striking shapes and textures that capture the essence of outdoor life.


With its unique design, Oasi table expresses modern luxury while ensuring lasting beauty and durability. The top is in Cardoso, an exquisite Italian natural stone characterised by a harmonious interplay of light and dark veins that make each creation a unique and striking masterpiece.

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Oasi chairs are an invitation to immerse yourself in nature and rediscover the true pleasure of outdoors. These pieces are characterised by their eye-catching pattern of handmade waves wich envelops the metal structure.

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Featuring bar tables and stools, Oasi bar set has been meticulously crafted to combine comfort with contemporary aesthetics. The woven cordage and the Cardoso stone top perfectly harmonise with the satined black metal of the structure, ensuring durability and outdoor usage resistance.

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Oasi outdoor lamps stand out with their elegant combination of satined black metal and black or light grey woven cordage. Their distinctive and contemporary shapes, available in a range of sizes, allow for endless design choices.

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Sofas excellence

In the world of luxury living, sofas are prestigious pieces that have to combine comfort, elegance and aesthetics. Giorgio Collection sofas are designed to meet all these requirements, offering the best of Made in Italy quality and introducing a contemporary, sophisticated style to the living room. Each collection offers models with a distinctive personality and design, distinguished by the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. 

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Moonlight decor

Accessories are essential elements of a luxury lifestyle. Moonlight Collection includes a wide range of decor and complements that combine the finest materials with the distinctive design of Giorgio Collection, making them ideal to embellish your home down to the smallest detail.

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Uniqueness, luxury and elegance: the distinctive marks of Giorgio Collection shine under the spotlight, demonstrating the excellence of all our products. Light creates a suggestive atmosphere, focusing on the intricate details that make our creations inimitable.

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