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Luxury lighting is about more than just function. It’s about design, beauty, elegance, and, of course, providing the optimal lighting that enhances the natural wonder and artistry of each piece of furniture and other decor in your home or office. Our collections are designed to perfectly complement every piece within it. The luxury wall lights, floor lamp, ceiling lights, applique, medium lamp, chandeliers, and other enhancements are specifically selected to add a layer of depth and beauty to every single collection. From a lion lamp to a butterfly chandelier, discover the incredible majesty of Giorgio Collection.

How much do people think about the lighting in each room of their home? When you hire an experienced, professional interior designer, lighting is a critical component—perhaps just as important as the furnishings. Luxury lighting should be designed to accentuate and perfectly highlight the gorgeous refinement and elegant beauty of your furniture.
Giorgio Collection offers furniture that is masterfully crafted and exquisitely designed. Just like history’s greatest works of art, the lighting makes all the difference. Luxury ceiling lights should be not just the right wattage for the home, but the wall color and reflectiveness of the paint, the wallpaper, the area rug, the furniture, and every other detail should be taken into account as well.
Also, the amount of natural light pouring into each room will make a difference when it comes to choosing the right luxury living room ceiling lights or a gorgeous Italian chandelier, medium lamp, or applique for the bedroom.
Luxury wall lights can be ideal when you want to sit and relax on your sofa, read a good book, or flip through the local newspaper or a magazine that just arrived in the mail. Giving you just the right level of lighting and offering the kind of control you want over that simple factor holds incredible value in everyday life.
There are numerous options available through every collection when it comes to lighting. Luxury ceiling lights offer a subtle elegance and functionality for just about any bedroom or home office. Luxury wall lights can also be great when positioned perfectly over nightstands or bedside tables. This is wonderful for couples who may not go to sleep at the same time and one wants to read a little bit later into the night.
With Giorgio Collection, you may even fall in love with a lion lamp that conjures up images of power, grace, and dignity. This could be an exquisite addition to your living room furniture.
Imagine a butterfly chandelier situated right over your dining room table that was designed by Giorgio Collection.
There’s nothing you can’t find at  Collection when it comes to floor lamps, appliques, medium lamps, chandeliers, or other lighting options or accessories. Build the home you want with the finest, most exquisitely master-crafted furnishings and lighting.
When you choose from Giorgio Collection, you choose from one of the finest designers of home furnishings in the world.

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