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The Giorgio Collection brand has always been synonymous with Made in Italy luxury and design. A furnishing proposal with a distinctly contemporary style that is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The perfect combination of precious materials, attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship give a touch of freshness to the entire collection. The proposals range from the living room to the bedroom, from office furniture to furnishing accessories. An elegant and refined luxury furnishing proposal whose result is the creation of real unique pieces with which to furnish your environment. The refinement of the materials used combined with the quality of the workmanship make Giorgio Collection furniture a choice of luxury and unique and unmistakable style.

Giorgiocollection living room furniture expresses all the refinement and elegance of luxury Made In Italy furniture. The furniture for the dining room is handcrafted with the finest woods and materials. The furniture collections for the living area they range from modern to contemporary classic style to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated furnishing needs. Luxury dining chairs and tables with a refined design, designed to express a highly personal and unique concept of luxury furniture and elegance.

Giorgiocollection bedrooms represent a real point of reference for the Made in Italy luxury furniture sector. Built with the finest woods, leathers, metals and other noble materials, by master craftsmen who the whole world envies us and who pass down their art from generation to generation. The Giorgiocollection bedroom is able to welcome you in an environment of extreme luxury and Made in Italy elegance where you can rest in perfect relaxation. The furnishings Giorgiocollection are made to last over time, so that they can be handed down to their children or grandchildren just as they do with works of art or with the most precious collectibles.

All the pieces of the Giorgiocollection office collection are made and designed to guarantee quality, durability and beauty. Giorgiocollection luxury office furniture is not only functional; but also beautiful and elegant. Elements of the collection they range from high-impact luxury desks to presidential chairs that express prestige, bookcases and accessories. The Giorgiocollection office furniture collection has been designed to offer you luxury and refinement of design without sacrificing comfort.

Elegance, beauty, refinement. These are the essential characteristics of Giorgiocollection furnishing accessories. Regardless of the collection chosen to furnish your home, furnishing accessories are an important component to give that touch of completeness to the living environment. The objects thus become an integral part of the furniture, and Giorgiocollection furnishing accessories are real works of art created specifically for luxury furniture. It ranges from frames to lighting, from wall coverings to design objects, all unique pieces of extreme elegance and refinement.


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