Luxury Villa in Kaliningrad

The villa of your dreams finds a worthy solution in the Giorgio Collection total look arrangement. We furnished this beautiful private home in Kaliningrad with Infinity collection, a perfect solution to match the glamorous and bold vibes of the environment. From the living room to the night area, each room is embellished with golden details and refined materials, to reflect the luxury mood of the house.

Made in Italy excellence

The pursuit of perfection is a priority at the heart of our production process. This commitment to excellence is recognisable in the meticulous craftsmanship that gives shape to each piece in our collections.

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Penthouse in Riyadh

We are delighted to introduce you to our exclusive residential project: a luxury penthouse in one of Riyadh most exclusive area, where Infinity and Charisma collections are the unquestioned protagonists.

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Luxury art

In the world of luxury design, details make the difference. Paintings are prestigious elements, statements of culture and sophistication that catch the eye and celebrates excellence. Giorgio Collection believes in the inspiring power of art and is proud to introduce the extraordinary works of Nadezhda Olefir to its selection of fine arts.

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