Charisma sofa

Fixed sofa with quilted fronts available in 3 big back pillows and base + frontal insert in light gold chrome stainless steel with Giorgio Collection logo. Sofa seats and sides with special stitching in polyurethane foam wrapped in down feather. Sofa armrests realized in quilted finish.


60 days delivery

Available sizes

Art. Passion 2 Seater sofa
Size: cm 200W x 112D x 87H
Size: 79”W x 44”D x 34”H

Art. Passion 3 Seater sofa
Size: cm 240W x 112D x 87H
Size: 94”½W x 44”D x 34”H

Art. Passion 4 Seater sofa
Size: cm 280W x 112D x 87H
Size: 110”W x 44”D x 34”H


Galvanic 24k Gold Chrome Stainless Steel


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  • Charisma fixed sofa2


    Dreamy design

    Golden & suede