Trésor sofa

Sofa available in first grade leather, nubuk leather, lizard printed leather, velvet or suede fabric. Sofa seats and sides with special stitching in polyurethane foam wrapped in down feather. Quilted armrests. Base and metal trims on the armrests in satined bronzed stainless steel with Giorgio Collection logo. Seat height cm. 42


60 days delivery

Available sizes

Art. 890/02
Size: cm 223W x 108D x 74H
Size: 88”W x 42”½D x 29”H

Art. 890/03
Size: cm 253W x 108D x 74H
Size: 100”W x 42”½D x 29”H

Art. 890/04
Size: cm 285W x 108D x 74H
Size: 112″½W x 42″D x 29″H


Galvanic Satined Bronzed Stainless Steel


    Eclectic allure

    Soft touch