A location surrounded by nature is the backdrop to the Oasi outdoor collection. We wanted to present the collection under a different light, celebrating beauty and design in an unusual context, where luxury and uncontaminated nature merge together. The elements of Oasi are thus absorbed in open and primitive spaces that accentuate and highlight shapes and materials of the collection.

Trésor sofa

Trésor living room stands out for its luxury appeal, with a total look that creates a unique atmosphere. Giorgio Collection proposes two versions of the Trésor sofa: straight or curved. Both options feature an exclusive design made of curved lines, enveloping shapes and refined details.

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Trésor modular sofa

Luxury and quality are at the heart of Trésor collection. With its sinuous lines and enveloping shapes, Trésor modular sofa is designed to furnish the most exclusive living rooms with versatility and an unmistakable style.

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