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Welcome home to your luxury living room. Exquisite attention to every detail is what sets the Giorgio Collection apart. Elegance, refined artistry, and a tradition that has been handed down through generations are the cornerstones of this luxury living room furniture collection. Crafted by hand from the highest quality materials, plush, soft leather, ceramics forged in perfection, and precious fabrics beckon you home to comfort, warmth, and impressive décor. The Giorgio Collection is fast becoming a heralded name around the world and with attention to every detail and perfectly complementing accessories, you’ll discover the value of genuine Italian living room furniture wherever you call home.


Enjoy the comfort, look, and feel of a luxury living room designed by one of the preeminent artisans of our time. The Giorgio Collection combines modern artistry with classical craftsmanship to bring you timeless luxury living room furniture for your home. Italian living room furniture is a hallmark of taste and style. It is, by itself, a work of true art, and when you select the perfect foundation with the right sofa, balanced with a blend of finely crafted accessories, you will return home every time to a welcoming environment suited to your unique taste and palette.

Modern luxury living room furniture should complement your personality and provide warmth in a welcoming embrace. This is precisely what the Giorgio Collection provides. The cornerstone of a home is its living room. This is where you entertain guests, unwind and relax after a long day of work, and where family gathers together. It is here, in the heart of your home, where attention to detail is demanded. Fascinate loved ones, enthrall guests, and bask in the plush refined comfort of one of the best collections of fine Italian living room furniture available. Choose from a broad selection of handcrafted sofas and armchairs, ottomans and cabinets, lamps and chandeliers, and design the optimal blend of accessories that perfectly suits your personality. Combine different textures and forge a perfect symphony pleasing to not only sight, but also your body as you soak in the luxurious comfort of fine Italian luxury furniture.

The Giorgio Collection is carefully designed and crafted to meet the exacting standards and demands of the most discerning individual. Master craftsmen forge these stunning creations hewn from raw materials and utilize only the finest leather, nickel steel, and marble. Your luxury living room awaits. Browse our various collections, take your time to enjoy the artistry of every corner, edge, and surface. Each product is crafted with love and devotion to excellence and goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure every detail is of the highest caliber. Home is where the heart is. Your living room is where the heart of your home resides. Bring it to full vibrancy and life with the Giorgio Collection. Modern luxury living room furniture and accessories you’ll be proud to call home.

There’s no feeling in the world quite like coming home to a luxury living room, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into the soft fabric offering a welcome embrace.


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